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PQ Concrete Placing

PQ ConcreteOne of the most durable, strong and reliable concrete materials around.

We don’t settle for second best, and we don’t expect our customers to either; which is why we use PQ concrete on any motorway, pavement, airport runway, coastal defence or groundwork construction project.

Incredibly strong, highly reliable and resistant to abrasion from vehicular transport, our PQ concrete is one of the most cost effective and popular materials we provide and is regularly relied upon by commercial, industrial and private clients across Kent, London and the rest of the UK.

We offer packages from labour to labour, plant and materials for pavement quality works. We can produce slabs to a fine tolerance finished to a brush finish. Our PQ concrete is suitable, no matter what the construction project; so call us today on 01634 838833 to discuss your requirements at your convenience.

Suitable for a variety of application

Ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial applications, including motorways, airport runways, pavements or groundworks, our PQ concrete is widely regarded as the optimum material on the market.

Installed by our experienced and dedicated team, our PQ concrete offers stunning results, reliability, longevity and, above all, a safe and trusted structure suitable for any areas with high levels of traffic.

Boasting incredible durability

Where our PQ concrete placing really excels is its strength and durability; able to fully resist abrasion from vehicular transport and heavy foot traffic, this material creates a long lasting and reliable surface regardless of the location or application.

Based in Chatham, Kent, we work throughout the whole of the UK, specialising in providing the highest quality concrete placement and formwork services to a wide range of commercial, private and industrial clients.

We have recently completed projects for clients in London, Rugby, Great Yarmouth, Norwich, Reading and Birmingham.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with one of our experienced and highly skilled team.

Concrete Placing